The Harmony Salon Brand

A brand is much more than a logo. A brand reflects who a company is, what they value, the quality they offer, and what they represent as a lifestyle choice. It is a brand, not a company, which inspires loyalty. Harmony Salon has spent more than twenty years investing in it's brand - read about it here!

Aveda Holiday Gift Sets Stand Out

Did you know that Aveda's gift sets are all wrapped in handmade paper sourced from villages in Nepal? Learn more!

Harmony Salon: Since 1993

We love being in a shopping center surrounded by small businesses like ourself. Did you know Harmony Salon has been open for almost 25 years? Learn more about our owner and how he grew Harmony Salon to the successful business it is today in honor of Small Business Saturday 2017!

7 Fall Hair Trends for 2017

Fall hair trends for 2017 are new and exciting, not to mention gorgeous. There is something to suit all hair types and personalities -what are you doing to make your hair stand out this season?

French vs. Dutch Braids

Some people think French and Dutch are terms that can be used interchangeably when it comes to braids, others know there is a difference but are not sure what it is. Whichever category you fall into, the explanation is simple!

Mobile Mammography is Coming to Harmony Salon

Harmony Salon is excited to welcome Mobile Mammography from Charlotte Radiology on Friday, September 22nd. We hope we will also welcome you!

Aveda Summer Essentials

Summer is finally here – the beloved season of vacations, festivals, pool days and beach weeks. Unfortunately, it is also the season of dehydrated skin and sunburns, so while it is easy to have fun in the sun it is important to use the right products to protect yourself from harmful rays. Luckily, we have the Aveda summer essentials list!

The Pramasana Treatment Experience

Pramasana is Aveda's newest line, a scalp balancing treatment offered both as a professional service and retail. This article is a summary of the pramasana professional treatment and detox!

5 Simple Tips for Landing a Job Post Graduation

May is here! Are you part of this year's wave of graduating seniors breaking on the job market? We’ve got the tips to help you stand out!

Six Trendy Wedding Hairstyles

Wedding season is upon us! Whether you’re a June bride who has procrastinated or you’re planning ahead for your October wedding, it’s time to choose your wedding hair. You have enough planning stress already, so we did the work and put together six popular wedding hairstyles for 2017!