Harmony Salon: Since 1993

November 25th, 2017 is Small Business Saturday. Since it’s initiation by American Express, Congress has designated one day every year to remember and appreciate the “little guys” that contribute so much to our economy. The employees of Harmony Salon remember the value of small businesses every day, because our livelihoods depend on one.

If you ask Michael, the owner of Harmony Salon, where he learned to be an entrepreneur, he will crack a smile. He loves to share about what he has learned on his highly successful journey, which is why he published the book Tales of an American Entrepreneur: Journey of a Small-Business Owner in 2014. You can find his book on Amazon if you are interested in learning more about the birth and growth of Harmony Salon.

Michael’s father immigrated to the United States from Italy and overcame countless barriers – including learning English - before opening his own barber shop. His American grandparents owned delis, so Michael led a childhood inundated with examples of entrepreneurship.

Another example he had plenty of? Hard work. Hard work, dedication, faith in God, and a numbers driven yet creative mind allowed Michael to open Harmony Salon in 1993 and quickly begin earning nominations and awards for quality and growth. There were difficult days and days he could barely stand under the weight of being a small business owner, yet he prevailed and today employees eighteen people in one of the top Aveda salons in Charlotte. Michael has taken the opportunities gleaned by his hard work and shared them with the community of South Charlotte, providing jobs as well as exemplary retail and service options in Blakeney Shopping Center.

Ask the small businesses where you shop what their story is, and do not forget that shopping small makes a big impact! Thank you for being part of the Harmony Salon family, we appreciate your business.



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