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When The CEO Magazine asked the owner of Harmony Salon to guest write an article, Michael did not have to think about what he wanted to share. His passion for branding has been self-identified as one of the greatest keys to his success as a small business owner, and his understanding of it provided him success in writing as well. The CEO Magazine was quick to ask for another article.

There are many misconceptions about brand by people who do not understand how important it is to a business. A brand is much more than a logo. A brand reflects who a company is, what they value, the quality they offer, and what they represent as a lifestyle choice. It is a brand, not a company, which inspires loyalty. Experts have argued for years that Android phones surpass iPhones in everything from battery life to camera pixels, yet millions of iPhone users swear they will never switch. It is no surprise that Apple has been named the most valuable brand around the world three years running.

In the words of Steve Jobs himself, “The chance to make a memory is the essence of brand marketing.” That idea leverages emotional branding, something very closely tied to the salon industry. Our stylists and front desk team alike build a personal relationship with our clients. We greet them by name, remember where they went on vacation, and pamper them with “extras” every single visit. Our brand is defined by the hot Aveda tea we offer as soon as you walk in, the head and shoulder massage that starts off your hair service, the thorough consultation no matter how many times we have done your hair, the relaxing atmosphere you enjoy throughout your appointment, the makeup touch up offered before you leave, and the quality of the services you wear home. Michael has aptly summarized it all as revolving around quality, consistency, and harmony.

Clients come into Harmony Salon knowing that all of our employees have been extensively trained to uphold the salon brand. Several times every year global educators are flown in and teach our stylists in-house, from assistants to masters. Regardless of experience, every stylist hired goes through Harmony Salon’s unique training program, supervised by Michael himself alongside our in-house educators. They are taught not only color formulating and technical cutting, but also the value of touring a new client, suggesting a change to a longtime client, and staying consistent in the quality we offer with every client. Many of our guests choose to see multiple stylists so they do not have to stress about getting on our busy appointment book. We are happy that they feel comfortable booking with anyone, because they know they will receive the same exemplary service from everyone. That is a brand we are proud of, and we hope you will come in and experience it for yourself.  


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