From Runway to Real Way

How to Incorporate High Fashion Runway Trends into Your Everyday Hair Repertoire

Hairstyle trends for 2017 have hit the runways but sometimes these high-fashion styles can seem intimidating or hard to pull off.  Don’t worry!  We have put together a condensed list of some of the hottest and most wearable trends for 2017 that will give you what you need to get out of that hair rut and find your inner fashionista.

Go Super Sleek & Straight

Get out your flat irons ladies!  Pin straight, shiny, and center-parted hair is here.   Ultra-chic, long and glamourous, this style is all over 2017.  Super straight styles are best suited for healthy hair or else it winds up looking fried - never a good look.  Try misting a heat protectant through your hair before touching it with a straightener.  Achieve the sleek look while protecting your hair from heat and humidity by using Aveda style-prep smoother on damp hair.  In between wash days prep and soften your hair using Aveda’s NEW Thermal Dry Conditioner on dry hair to protect, condition, and detangle for a more polished look.

The Extra Sharp Side Part      

Not a fan of the center-part?  Have no fear, deep side parts are also huge this season.  As seen in Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan, overly exaggerated and slicked down side parts are particularly stunning with a short bob or androgynous pixie.  Be sure to tame those flyaways!  We suggest using Aveda’s light elements smoothing fluid; massage a small amount on damp or dry hair to add weightless shine and a smooth glossy finish. 

The Super High Pony            


Slick your hair up - all the way up! Ponytails are making a big return and were hot on the spring and summer catwalk. This look can be done with rumpled texture for an undone, “I woke up like this” effect, or stick-straight.  The high pony is a great way to add elegance and ease to any occasion.  Wrap a chunk of hair around the base to turn up the sophistication. Try pumping up the volume using Aveda’s thickening tonic to instantly thicken each strand from root to end for a more dramatic look.



Love and support your curls.  The year 2017 is all about embracing your natural texture and style.  If you have curls, enhance them!  Go bigger, bolder, more defined and luxurious.  This look is about the tight, spiral or coil curls achieved through crimp, perm and product as opposed to the beach waves we have been seeing in years past.  Think 80s Flashdance, but more modern.   Oh, and don’t forget to flip your hair back and forth to add plenty of volume.  Try using Aveda be curly style-prep to control frizz and add moisture and definition to your curls.  Use Aveda brilliant retexturing gel to add shine and hold.

Bangs with a Bang

Bangs hit this year’s runway in a big way.  If you are looking to make a big splash without breaking the bank try adding some fringe to your do.  Whether you are growing out your shag bob or just looking to try something different, a soft or blunt bang is a great way to frame the face and rev up the wow factor.  Make sure to consult with your stylist to find the perfect fringe to fit your face. 

Accessorize Your Tresses


As seen in Vogue and Elle magazine, 2017 is brimming with hair embellishments and we can’t get enough.  To nail this look, combine a simple, understated hairstyle with cool adornments such as beaded headpieces or floral crowns, headbands or metallic hair jewelry.  Opt for unique pins, clips, ribbons, or flowers.  It’s time to get inspired and make a statement with your hair, creating limitless looks for any occasion.  Remember not to take it too seriously, let loose and have some fun.

Golden Bronde or Go Home

Is it blonde or is it golden brown?  Well…’s both, depending on which light you’re in.  This versatile, low-maintenance hair color looks great on all skin tones and is grow-out friendly to boot.  “Golden Bronde” or “Tiger Eye” mixes shades of gold, caramel, and deep browns to maintain depth, dimension, and contrast with ends that gradually get lighter towards the bottom.  This silky shade looks especially great on medium length hair with lots of layers to create boundless dimension and visual interest.  Aveda hair color lends itself to this technique with its customizable color, allowing every client to find their perfect tones.   Remember to insure your color using a color safe shampoo and conditioner such as Aveda’s color conserve to keep your color vibrant longer.  No point in spending all that time and money on getting your hair colored if you’re going to let an inferior product fade your investment.

Extreme Dark Chocolate

It’s time to channel your edgy side and deepen the dark.  Dark, dark, dark (almost black)chocolaty brown is going to be really big this year and has been spotted on celeb trendsetters such as Anne Hathaway, Kendall Jenner, and Bella Hadid.  Try a deep mocha or mahogany to add warmth and soften your complexion.  If you’re already a brunette, talk to your stylist about taking your color to the next level, find a rich shade that best suits your skin tone and don’t forget to turn up the shine with a product such as Aveda’s brilliant spray-on shine to nail the runway look. 

Have fun when trying out some of these top hair trends for 2017!



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