Why not box color?

An $8 boxed hair color can be a real temptation. That platinum blonde or chocolate brown you have been envisioning on your own locks looks absolutely perfect on the celebrity gracing the box. However, do you really think Beyoncé colors her hair with $8 box color? No way! She pays hundreds of dollars every time she sees her stylist. But what is the harm in the box? Is it actually worth it to invest in professional hair coloring?

Box colors are created by necessity as a “one-size-fits-all” product. You and your friend have totally different shades of blonde – you have ashy undertones and she has warm – and you have different hair care histories. When you both put the exact same deep mahogany box color on your hair, chances are you are going to have totally different results. By contrast, Aveda color is 100% customizable to each client. Our stylists consult thoroughly about your current color, the color you want to achieve, your chemical history, and the porosity and condition of your hair before they head to the mixing bowls. There, they carefully choose the colors to create your desired shade as well as the correct developer, giving your hair a unique formula.

On top of this, box colors can and do change their formulas quite often without telling you what they have actually changed. Even if they advertise their formula change as an improvement, any change is going to create different results on your hair, at best giving you a different color and at worst putting a stark line in your hair.

Cosmetologists go to school and achieve the basic equivalent of an associate’s degree before they can take state boards and earn their license. They have learned a lot, and after color customization comes color application. They are thorough and precise, not allowing lines or bleeds and painting the color on with the care and intention of an artist. Dumping color on your head with a bottle will never achieve the same result.

Aveda color is 97% naturally derived and has much lower ammonia content than your box color. Your stylist is also able to choose the correct developer to get you from your current level to the level you want to be, while box colors jump to extremely high developers to ensure something happens. Box colored hair frequently ends up with the texture of straw, whereas Aveda color leaves your hair as silky as it was before you came in.

The last thing to keep in mind is that spending less on a box color can end up costing more. Some box colors contain the same ingredients as carpet dye and most all of them are over-pigmented, meaning corrective color is extremely difficult and expensive. Often you will also have to cut off the bad ends, so add a haircut charge to that too!

Risking box color compromises the integrity of your hair, or you can trust a professional who has made a career out of making your hair beautiful.  Now that you are in the know, you can make the decision yourself!


Blogger: Lexi Derby

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