Aveda Holiday Gift Sets Stand Out

What makes Aveda’s holiday gift sets stand out?

Ten years ago Aveda went on a search to find sustainable gift wrapping. Ten years ago Aveda discovered handmade paper crafted in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal.

This year, Aveda is celebrating their ten year anniversary of partnering with the artisans in Nepal to provide income to 5500 people, 90% of whom are women who previously had very little opportunity to help support their families. Because of this additional income more of their children than ever are able to pursue secondary education instead of having to work to help the family.

In addition to this, within two years of Aveda partnering with the Nepalese papermakers the communities involved achieved Certified Wildlife Friendly® status. According to www.aveda.com, “This certification helps reverse deforestation and maintain 42,000 acres of habitat for Himalayan wildlife and 21 endangered species including the red panda and snow leopard.”

When you give the gift of Aveda you are not only giving naturally based products that work, you are giving opportunity to hundreds of families in Nepal. Think bigger when shopping this season and pick up a limited edition Aveda holiday gift set wrapped in exquisite handmade paper! 




Blogger: Alexandria Derby-Quievryn

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