Six Trendy Wedding Hairstyles

Wedding season is upon us! Whether you’re a June bride who has procrastinated or you’re planning ahead for your October wedding, it’s time to choose your wedding hair. You have enough planning stress already, so we did the work and put together six popular wedding hairstyles for 2017!


Low Bun

This is a classic wedding style, serene and formal. We love the addition of a braid or flowers to make it your own, and leaving wisps falling around your face creates a feminine look as you say “I do”. This hairstyle is possible with many different lengths of hair, and it can be teased at the top and back to create a more voluminous, full look. This style is stunning with an off-the-shoulder style dress!

low bun

High Bun

Similar to the low bun but a little less classic and a little more sassy, this is another style that can be personalized with braids or a few of your wedding flowers. Adding volume can make it appear more casual while remaining gorgeous. This style is easier if your hair is medium to long, and the thicker your hair the bigger your bun. I love this style with a strapless dress so you can show off your back and shoulders!

 high bun


Simple Half-up Half-down

This lovely style is extremely versatile, easy to create with long and short hair. You can have the top teased high or left low, and you can choose any kind of clip or pin to accessorize. This style still shows off your locks while pulling the front back to put your wedding day glow on full display. Because this style is on the simple side it complements a glitzy dress without drawing too much attention away from sparkles, sleeves or other glamor!

half up 


Braided Half-up Half-down

Sister to the simple half-up half-down style, you can incorporate your choice of braids to glam up this style. Ask your stylist if she’s comfortable with lace, French, Dutch, fishtail and waterfall braids! The addition of braids also makes it easier to push the stems of wedding flowers into your style, whether one flower over your ear or an all-out flower crown best matches your theme. I love this style with bo-ho, flowy dresses with lots of lace or chiffon!



Sleek Side Braid

Pulling all of your hair into a braid is far from revolutionary, but it’s been coming into its own as a bridal hairstyle in recent years. Like most braided styles you can incorporate a wide variety of braids – pictured are two French braids meeting in a fishtail braid – meaning you can really personalize this style. Anything this clean creates a sleek style on the formal side, though not quite as traditionally formal as an up-do. I love seeing this style with a sleeveless high-neck dress, bonus points if it’s backless!



Messy Side Braid

Take your sleek side braid and mess it all up and you’ve got a whole new style. There is nothing like a messy braid to compliment a bohemian, beach, or rustic chic themed wedding. If you want length to the braid you will have to have very long hair because the long loops pull your hair higher. It gives looseness to your hair while still maintaining a shape. It is another style that allows you to include flowers, and this one looks particularly striking when you scatter flowers from roots to end. This style is perfect with a dress on the casual side, adding a romantic touch without looking too put together.



 bride braid

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