7 Fall Hair Trends for 2017

Face Framing (and eclipting color)

Mid-length to long hair accentuated with short face framing locks is being seen on every red carpet. When your hair is down the pieces blend with your length, adding texture and dimension, and when your hair is up the pieces fall loose to frame your face in a romantic and undone look. This look works especially well alongside eclipting color – intentionally placed high and low lights to contour hair to flatter your face.


Lob (long bob)

Bobs have long been a classic. Now enter the lob, a more grown-up and professional version of the cut with just a bit more length. Who can forget when Taylor Swift went from her long curls to a sharp lob and instantly matured? Her celebrity friends are jumping to follow this trend.


Shadow root

Balayage has been creeping closer and closer to the root. We love the dimension guaranteed by a seamlessly blended shadow root, instantly adding depth and aesthetic impact to your style.



You know that a red carpet look has taken hold when you see it all around you. It seems like everybody, whether a longtime blonde or someone that just went lighter for the summer, is suddenly going dark. This color makes any eye color pop and is perfect for really mixing up your fall look. Be sure you keep your color vibrant by using aveda’s color conserve shampoo and conditioner!


Sleek ponies (low and high)

These sister styles are finally here at the same time, and we’re not going to miss taking advantage of either. For those of us with naturally straight hair it is much easier to create a sleek look than that perfectly messy style I remain ever envious of. Take this look from amateur to pro by simply leaving out a lock near your elastic to wrap around the style and pin beneath. Keep flyaways tamed and hair shiny with aveda’s light element smoothing fluid!


Natural texture

Those of you with natural texture aren’t out of luck! More and more celebrities are taking their natural hair with them to the red carpet. Smooth out your frizzies and enhance your natural curl or wave with aveda’s be curly curl enhancer for a sassy au naturale style.


Pancaked braids

Any braid can be easily taken up a notch by pancaking it. After you are done braiding and have the hair tightly held in an elastic, pull each strand looser for a thicker, softer look. Keep the style from becoming disheveled with a light mist of aveda’s air control hair spray. This works on all kinds of braids from fishtail to five strand!




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