5 Simple Tips for Landing a Job Post Graduation

May is here! Are you part of this year's wave of graduating seniors breaking on the job market? We’ve got the tips to help you stand out!

  1. Know your stuff! Research every company you apply to and keep in mind that resumes are not one size fits all – it’s not a bad idea to have a different resume for each application, hand-built to reflect your achievements most relevant to the specific job. You can often find information on what a company is looking for on their website and match your language to theirs when fitting.

  2. Be prepared! If you score an interview you will probably get the chance to ask questions about the company, which is actually a great opportunity to show off what you already know.
    Example: “I know that your company regularly donates to Feeding America, can you tell me more about how your company contributes to their mission? I’m interested in getting involved!”

  3. Did you know that first impressions are formed in seven seconds? Make sure your hair is clean, tidy and out of your face for a professional look that allows easy eye contact. Ladies, try smoothing your flyaways with Aveda’s light elements smoothing fluid. Men, style your do with Aveda Men’s pure-formance grooming clay. This is also a great time for a fresh haircut!

  4. Look the part head to toe! A good rule of thumb is to dress like the boss of the position you are applying for, but it wouldn’t hurt to glean fashion advice from their boss either! Studies have shown that women are taken more seriously in skirt suits than pant suits, and men are taken more seriously in traditional ties than bow ties. The more you know!

  5. Be confident! Practice a firm handshake, walk with purpose, and smile when you make eye contact. There is nothing like confidence paired with a personable attitude to impress a recruiter, so show them you are someone they would want to work with!


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