French vs. Dutch Braids

Your kids, your friends, or you... someone is looking for a fresh hairstyle for back to school this year! Even simple braids are beautiful, and French and Dutch are particularly popular. Do you know the difference between them?
French braids are a basic revision of the standard plait braid. You start at the scalp with three strands and alternate crossing the right and left strands over the middle. Each time you cross over - creating a new center strand -, you add a section of hair, creating the French braid look.
A Dutch braid is like an inside out French braid. It stands out from the head rather than hugging it, but there is only a small difference in the braiding process. Rather than going over the middle strand each time you cross, you go under. You still add a new section of hair each time, but it creates a completely different look!
No matter which braid you rock finish it off by going over it top to bottom with Aveda light elements smoothing fluid, taming frizz and flyaways for braid perfection!
Blogger: Alexandria Derby

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