The Pramasana Treatment Experience

After watching the pramasana treatment being performed several times I was excited to have it done myself. My hair is naturally oily and washing it every other day is a stretch only made possible by aveda’s dry shampoo. My hope for pramasana was that it’s balancing properties would help my scalp’s oiliness.

No sooner had the service begun than I realized my hopes hadn’t been high enough. As my service provider, Margaret, began to massage my scalp in circular motions with the pramasana exfoliating scalp brush I saw tiny white flakes appearing all over my hair. She explained to me that the looped bristles on the brush were gently exfoliating the build-up on my scalp from product, the environment, dry skin, and excess sebum. She exfoliated my entire scalp, and I was amazed at how much flaked off considering I had just washed my hair the night before. The best part of this step was how amazing the brush felt – the scalp is surprisingly sensitive and the unique pramasana brush is a great tool for massage. I would buy it for that purpose alone!


After the exfoliation we moved to the shampoo bowl, where Margaret applied the pramasana purifying scalp cleanser to my scalp and aveda damage remedy shampoo through my ends. She explained that the cleanser is for your scalp because it’s created for skin, whereas shampoo is created for hair. This makes the pramasana treatment customizable to you because you can use it with any shampoo. The scalp cleanser is a deep cleanser and helps to instantly balance sebum levels. The right amount of sebum helps protect your skin, but too little creates dryness and flaking and too much creates excessive oiliness and can cause acne. After scrubbing my scalp thoroughly and pulling through my ends she rinsed everything.


Next up was the masque, a professional product not available to purchase retail. This was arguably my favorite part of the treatment. When she applied the masque, sectioning my hair and dabbing it directly on my scalp, it felt cool like mint. As it sat it felt increasingly cold, making my scalp feel awake and revitalized. Margaret spent several minutes massaging the masque into my scalp and through my ends, which felt amazing. Then, letting the masque process even longer, she gave me a hand treatment using aveda’s hand relief lotion to massage my hands and arms.


After rinsing the masque she again sectioned my hair and applied the pramasana protective scalp concentrate – a leave-in treatment - to my scalp. The concentrate works alongside the cleanser to balance sebum levels, in addition to forming a protective barrier against pollution. That means less flakes next time I use the exfoliating scalp brush! As she began to blow dry, I could immediately see in the mirror that my scalp was shining. My hair felt soft and incredibly light.


The real test for me would be the test of time. Today is day four since I received the pramasana treatment and detox and my hair looks closer to my usual day two! I loved receiving the service and it definitely helped my oily hair. Pramasana has been described by aveda as a facial for your scalp and now I know why!




Blogger: Alexandria Derby

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