7 Fall Hair Trends for 2017

Fall hair trends for 2017 are new and exciting, not to mention gorgeous. There is something to suit all hair types and personalities -what are you doing to make your hair stand out this season?

Do you need a professional conditioning treatment?

Have you been asked if you want to add a botanical therapy treatment to your hair service at Harmony Salon? Have you wondered what exactly this conditioning treatment is, or if your hair would really benefit from it?

Why not box color?

An $8 boxed hair color can be a real temptation. That platinum blonde or chocolate brown you have been envisioning on your own locks looks absolutely perfect on the celebrity gracing the box. But what is the harm in the box? Is it actually worth it to invest in professional hair coloring?

From Runway to Real Way

Hairstyle trends for 2017 have hit the runways but sometimes these high-fashion styles can seem intimidating or hard to pull off. Don’t worry! We have put together a condensed list of some of the hottest and most wearable trends for 2017 that will give you what you need to get out of that hair rut and find your inner fashionista.